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What is Hydrogen Calcium?

Hydrogen Calcium neutralizes most active oxygen in the body, preventing daisease and aging, and supplying energy to cells effectively.

What is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is known for various physiological functions such as antioxidant and anti-inflammation. Even now, various studies about functionality of hydrogen are under way.
Hydrogen unlike other antioxidants, can easily reach the brain and is delivered when the blood vessels are blocked.
Unlike other antioxidants, hydrogen can easily reach the brain and can be delivered even if the blood vessels are blocked.


What is active oxygen species?

A highly reactive oxygen chemicals is generated during the energy generation process in activity of life, which is called active oxygen species.
About 90 percent of modern human diseases related to the active oxygen species.
The diseases is include cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, myocardial infarction, hepatitis, nephritis, atopy, Parkinson's disease, and diseases by ultraviolet and radiation.


Why hydrogen calcium is required?

Scientific studies of four world-famous miracle water springs revealed that it was rich in natural minerals and hydrogen-rich water.
However, miracle water springs are effective when hydrogen is dissolved, but hydrogen is released fast.
Hydrogen calcium absorbs hydrogen into calcium and is a product that can easily ingest hydrogen.

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